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Cost of Car Detailing in the Philippines

Yes, the cost of car detailing in the Philippines can vary based on the type of service and the size of the vehicle. Prices typically range from around PHP 500 to PHP 5,000, depending on the specific requirements and the detailing package chosen.


For vehicle owners in the Philippines, having a clean and well-maintained car, whether an economical sedan or luxury SUV, is a matter of personal pride. As incomes rise across the archipelago, demand for professional auto detailing has moved from nice-to-have to an affordable necessity for more households with cars parked in their garages.

Recognizing this growing market, dedicated car wash shops, mobile cleaning operators and informal curbside cleaners are actively promoting their services. However, for those new to engaging detailers, questions inevitably arise around pricing – how much does a basic wash or thorough waxing cost for my Toyota Vios? What about interior vacuuming for my older model Mitsubishi Adventure? Are the mobile services cheaper than neighborhood shops?

To help Philippine car owners discover pricing norms and cost considerations when evaluating detailing options, this guide outlines average rate ranges, breaks down key determinants impacting quotes, and provides insider tips catered specifically to local market conditions. Whether looking for a periodic surface clean or aiming to restore that new car gleam, understanding the latest market rates will help buyers stretch their budgets while keeping their cars sparkling on Manila’s chaotic streets.

Overview of Car Detailing Packages & Average Pricing

Package TypeStarting Prices (PHP)
Basic Wash300 – 800
Standard Detail (Interior & Exterior)1,000 – 2,500
Full Detail + Extras3,000 – 5,000+

Example of a popular car detailing shop with more details and options

ServiceSmallMediumLargeExtra LargePremium
Car Wash140160200250
Tar Removal260280320400
Light Claying Service300400620680
Heavy Claying ServiceSubject to assessment and appointment
Seat Cover Removal and Install250350450550
Carpet Removal, Shampoo & Install1200140016001800
Sidings / Dash Cleaning1000100010001600
Leather Cleaning and Conditioning400800/rear seat
Upholstery Seat Cleaning300/seat600/rear seat
Carpet Shampoo6007009001200
Headliner Cleaning – Cloth5507008001000
Headliner Cleaning – Vinyl400500600800
Anti-Bac Odor Elimination600700800900
Complete Interior Detailing3300370046005300
Wash and Wax70085011001400
Wash and Double Wax900105013001600
Color SandingSubject to assessment and appointment
Full Exterior Detailing – Stage 22600300037004200
Full Exterior Detailing – Stage 32800320040004500
New Car Paint Protection1400160020002500
Carat Nano-Ceramic Coating System12000140001600018000
Optiguard Paint Protection Program70008000900010000
Optiguard Renewal20% off the prevailing rate
Engine Detailing1200120012001200
Full Glass Polishing1200140016001800
Windshield Polishing400400500500
Headlight RestorationStarts at Php 2000 / pair
Wheel CleaningSubject to assessment and appointment
DegrimingSubject to assessment and appointment
Car Show PrepBy estimate
Security Glass Etching150/panel
Full Detailing Package720080009500108004-5 days lead time

Other factors influencing quotes:

Vehicle Type & Size
The make, model, body type and size of vehicle impacts material costs and overall detailing time/complexity. Sedans and small cars are faster and cheaper to detail vs. larger SUVs and trucks, especially those with extensive chrome and other specialty features that require precision work. For example, a basic wash for a Toyota Vios may cost 300 PHP vs. 800 PHP for a full-size Ford Ranger pickup.

Number of Add-On Services

Upgrading to premium waxes, specialty coatings, headlight restoration and leather treatments among other add-on services can increase quotes. Some extras like engine steam wash may run 500+ PHP while a high-end ceramic coating can cost 5,000 PHP or more for an SUV. Bundles offer better value versus paying for numerous customized upgrades.


Urban metro areas with large middle and affluent classes like Manila, Davao and Cebu command pricing premiums and wider detailing options. Shops leverage wealthier clientele to offer advanced techniques and product diversity. Further from big cities, lowered demand and customer budgets generally equal fewer frills but cheaper cleanings focused primarily on basics. Those in rural areas may need to balance cost vs capability when discovering options.

Location-Based Pricing Differences

Major Metro Areas:
Manila, Cebu and Davao attract the most detailers given higher incomes and car ownership rates, leading to 20-30% price premiums versus less populated regions. However, increased competition is bringing new low-cost and express options too.

Average Sedan Standard Detail: ₱1,800+
Midsize SUV Full Detail: ₱4,000+
Secondary Provincial Cities:

Pricing in secondary urban centers like Iloilo, Bacolod and Cagayan de Oro remains mixed. Quotes can vary widely depending on individual shop brand recognition and tourist demand. Wider quote discovery advisable.

Small Car Basic Wash: ₱500+
AUV Standard Detail: ₱1,500+
Rural/Remote Areas:
Light competition equals lowest prices but business sustainability issues can lead to variable quality. Bargain hunters may encounter lack of amenities or dated/dirty equipment in rural detail shops.

DIY Detailing vs Professional Services

While DIYers can save on labor costs, professional-grade equipment and products used by detailers allow for superior, longer-lasting results. For those selling or maintaining vehicles long-term, outsourcing the intensive effort may make sense both financially and practically.

ProviderPrice LevelConvenience
Local Detailing ShopsPLess Mobile
Detailing ChainsPPFixed Locations
Mobile DetailersPPPDoor-to-Door

Latest Detailing Trends & Specialty Services

As customer expectations evolve, Philippine detailers adapt using new techniques and technologies. Beyond traditional materials, popular offerings include:

Waterless Cleaning Methods – Innovative water-free product solutions using plant-based cleansers and microfiber towels help conserve resources while saving time. Often paired with mobile or express services. Requires specially-trained staff.

Auto Disinfection Packages – Applying antimicrobial protectants both internally and externally helps neutralize bacteria and viruses through repeated surface contact over months. Provides added peace of mind to health-conscious car owners.

Custom Air Fresheners – Customer-selected scents introduced during detailing through spray bottles, vent clips, and scented beads provide longer-lasting aromas. Ability to match car interior fragrances to personal tastes growing in popularity.

Paint & Surface Protectants – Ceramic coatings, paint sealants, and other polymer protectants are applied to exteriors as added shields against oxidation, rust, and scratches. Help maintain vehicle resale value.

These premium specialty services tend to cost 20% to 40% more than conventional detailing, but deliver enhanced car preservation, personalization and hygiene.
With domestic tourists seeking clean rentals or ride shares, expect above offerings to feature more prominently on local detailer menus.


What are the most common types of car detailing services?

The main categories are basic wash (exterior only), standard detail (inside and out), and full detail (thorough interior deep cleaning and exterior polish).

How much does a basic cleaning service cost?

Expect to pay P300-P800 for a basic exterior wash on a small sedan from local providers. Chains may charge more.

What factors impact pricing the most?
The main drivers are type/size of vehicle, level of detail service, number of add-ons, location, and to a lesser extent, service provider.

How much savings can be achieved from bulk orders?
Fleet and corporate clients can likely negotiate 10-30% discounts off standard list prices when ordering regular cleaning for multiple vehicles.

Which is cheaper – shops, mobile or car wash chains?
Independently owned detail shops tend to offer the most competitive baseline pricing on common services like standard sedan detailing. But results vary.
How often do detailers adjust pricing?

While no set timeframe, increased operating costs generally compel detailers to reassess and update service menus every 1-2 years.

Do all companies post pricing openly?
Quoting transparency and service menus visibility varies widely. Customers may need to inquire directly with certain providers to get accurate quotes.

By what percent can add-ons raise the total job cost?
Add-ons like waxing and leather treatment can increase the overall detail bill by 20% to 40% over base services. Confirm all upcharges in advance.


For most car owners in the Philippines, keeping one’s vehicle sparkling clean on busy roads requires tapping professional detailing services at some point. As consumer demand expands across all income segments, local shops and mobile operators stand ready to serve up basic washes to showroom-level restorations.

While having a keen grasp of average pricing norms helps buyers evaluate their budget options, other factors like vehicle type, level of service, location and potential bulk discounts can all impact quotes. By arming themselves with insider tips from recommended treatment frequency to cost-saving DIY alternatives, Pinoys can stretch their pesos further when navigating the growing world of detailing.

Whether searching for a periodic touch-up or prepping the family Jeepney for holiday road trips with balikbayan visitors, maintaining the classically Pinoy adage of “shiny outside, tidy inside” is now more convenient and affordable courtesy of enthusiastic local detailers catering to all vehicle sanitation needs.